Monday, November 21, 2011

My experiment to be a Scrum Master - taking the red pill ....

I coached a group of scrum masters the other day and I felt like I am on a different planet. Somehow it appeared there was a huge gap between the theory on how it should be and the reality of those scrum masters. So what is wrong here? This has really bugged me so I asked my boss whether it would be ok to be a scrum master for a limited amount of time. She was all for it and saw it as a great learning experience. Then I asked the line manager of the scrum masters and he also got all excited about my proposal. Well, it looks like the team, their scrum master and the corresponding line manager gave their GO. I am really looking forward to this. BTW, thanx Ismo for inviting me some long time ago and trying to make me take the red pill already earlier ;)
In the next weeks I will give my already agreed trainings and fulfil other commitments and then its time to get real :)

Stay tuned for more ....

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