Tuesday, January 3, 2012

cannot comment my own blog ....

@Ismo comments on post "agile is not ..." - thanx for highlighting this. I meant here architects and testers which are OUTSIDE the team, people who think we are superior compared to "stupid" designers and coders, which are too proud of themselves, who think we are the only ones which are smart here, people who think that without them the world will collapse.
Instead the people could focus on (team) learning, improving the entire value stream, improving the big picture.
IMO - this has nothing to do with silo thinking, as this is observed reality and certainly not the target state for which I would aim to. Obviously I need to be more clear in future on what is observation and what not.


  1. ah. I guess, you just reflected silo thinking in your client organization. :) (my strong opinion, architects and testers should be in the team)

  2. Yes, I agree that the team is more productive and gets work faster done when it is cross-functional i.e. architects and testers are in the team. I see the current set-up (yes- reflecting the current situation) as a dysfunctional. On the other hand, if key individuals are so strong, that they do not give room for others to "breath", then it might be better to take them out of the team AND let them do something else. E.g. if a tester dominates in the team, it might be better to take this person out of the team and use the competence in other field. It does not help if the person is still doing testing directly related to the team's work.