Sunday, January 22, 2012

Company policies are one big source of waste

I think I start to see what is waste.  
Here is what happened: I went to an outdoor store to get me a winter-jacket. The store has a local shop in Espoo and one in Helsinki. I found a jacket but it was a little too small and I ask the sales guy if they have a bigger one. He checked from the computer and said that they have one in the Helsinki shop. That happened on Tuesday. I asked whether they can reserve it for me until Friday, because then I am in Helsinki and I could check it out whether this one would be big enough.
The sales person said that they cannot do that - they cannot reserve a jacket for three days - it looks bad in the inventory (or somethings like it). What he can do is let the jacket come to Espoo. This takes two days, so the jacket arrives in the Espoo shop on Thursday, then it can wait for only one day and I can get the jacket on Friday from the Espoo shop.
Now the jacket traveled from Helsinki to Espoo - causing all sorts of costs (logistic, transport etc.) and in addition the transport caused air pollution due to CO2 emission (not very environmental friendly policies)

What a waste of money!!!

In addition I wanted to visit the Helsinki shop anyway for some other purchases which I now postpone to somewhere in the future (the selection in main store is much bigger). Why did I not go to Helsinki in the first place? I did that earlier and then the thing I wanted was in a store in another location. Then I appreciated the service to have the item transported to the Espoo shop, which is the nearest for me to visit.
Back to the company policies...
The good thing is that those policies are made by the people in the company, so no outer force is demanding those from you and the policies can be changed.
The hard part is that those policies are made by the people in the company, so in order to change the policy, the policy maker needs to change the model (call it also mindset, belief system) which the policy is based on. And takes typically time.

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