Saturday, December 17, 2011

A personal challenge

Learning is great and it might be a little spooky as well. I have been some kind of trainer/coach/consultant for the past eight years. I enjoyed a very independent work style – I mean who cares whether I prepare my training in the day time or nite time? So I am used to a huge flexibility which allowed me to take care of personal needs easily and e.g. meeting colleagues from other parts of the organization  or other companies was relatively easy. When I wanted to get some work down (read being creative) I typically did that at home or somewhere else in an inspiring environment and not in our cost-efficient Flexispace-office. I live in country-side and thus I have a relative long way to the office. So far I was able to time meetings and work in such a way, that I could be back at home when my wife needed the car (yep – we managed so far with one). And now? Well, as scrum master, it does not do very well to call the daily scrum via remote, neither will problems get solved from the distance – consequence: I need to go everyday to work and tease myself through the morning and afternoon rush-hour. There is a possibility to go by bus – takes at least double the time with changing bus 2 times and enough of walking. Why am I telling this to you? I thought this change in work-style is truly significant and thus its worth sharing with you. Well, I am no victim of my new environment – so I am prepared to ride my motorbike with sidecar in case there is a conflict with the vehicle ;)

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