Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stuck in operative work and no time left for reflection

Finally I welcome my team members. Howdy folks :)

What is this now – no time for reflection? Well, honestly – my days at work have been really busy. Today I spend at least one hour on IT tools – totally frustrating and still only one out of three problems is fixed, so I am looking into wasting more of my time with tools next week. The preparation of the workshop, the workshop itself, daily scrum & discussions afterwards, xmas get together with glögi, lunch, doing the agreed tasks and discussion with people – all this takes time. Stop whining - what is the issue? Well, it REALLY takes time to reflect on observations and especially on ”how did I feel at that time”. This is not done quickly between two meetings. At least for me, I also require a stimulating environment and no disturbance. This blog helps me to reflect and I feel more confident that writing a blog is a good thing. I think, this blog is primarily for me not for you – sorry my dear reader :) in case you can take something from that, even better – and if we start to have a dialogue – well that would be superb.
Today I had to restain me from not being to pushy or jumpy. It was hard. I got the feeling that there is this surrounding ”thing” in the organization (is it organizational culture???) which seems impenetrable. Almost comparable to the attempt of trying to win a dispute, where the one side argues logically and the other side emotionally. Emotion wins. The managers argueing emotionally and me, the coach, the scrum master logically. BTW, I could have sold a few of my ”help” buttons (see earlier post) today when I discussed with managers in the ”glögi” event. OK, I guess this makes no sense to anybody – even I do not understand what is happening. This needs clearly more digging. Now I am re-reading this blog and its still bugging me: Why are people not listening? They want to do Agile (is this the issue – people want to do agile instead of being agile?), they want to do Scrum – I have the feeling that managers welcome me and at the next moment start regretting it.
Two things from the team side. Since I have the next two days off, I asked if there is anybody in the team who would like to be my substitute and within seconds I had a volunteer. Great. Of course I could have just asked the old scrum master to do the job, and then what – where is the learning for the team members?
Another thing we started today was to have a ”team info wall”. I had seen such one somewhere before, and I think its pretty handy. A team member can leave a note if s/he is e.g., in a training, in holidays, working remotely etc. Strangely enough, a team member is also asked to fill in a wikipage when s/he is in vacation (and I think our HR also wants to know that by using a seperate tool and I am not sure of they guys actually need to report their hours into another tool – have to ask next week). I feel this impenetrable thing closing in again …. This is my last post before xmas as I take a little time-out (nono not because it is soo hard to be a SM – this trip was booked long before this SM idea came up). I would appreciate some feedback, comments, critics, suggestions etc.
Merry Christmas to you all and have a relaxing time.

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